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      During an Eye test at Dr. Monga Opticians, you are not just given a number for your glasses.

      Our optometrist or doctor will 

      1. Ask you for your history of visual problems

      2. Take into account your other health issues like diabetes and hypertension and consider their affect on the eye.

      3.See how well you have been doing with your existing glasses

      4.Do a detailed multi-step eye test to ensure the most precise number which will also be calibrated for personal comfort

      5.Suggest you the right vision solutions 

      6. Refer you to an Ophthalmologist if required.


      Even before COVID19, we were doing a Contact-less eye exam using state of the art phoropters.

      Unlike the traditional trial frame based glasses where the examiner has to come close to you , the fully sanitised equipment is a physical barrier between you and the doctor, thereby protecting both.

      Not only does the advanced equipment used for refraction help you to get the most accurate prescription, it also maintains the highest standards of safety.