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      Found in 1913, Revered Till Date

      Prada does not just anticipate the future of fashion, it shapes it, they say.The attention to detail, the fusion of elements, the daring colors.A collection which belongs to those who appreciate design at its best.


      The Meisterstück - The Masterpiece

      The iconic White Snow Mountain top logo adorns most of the finely crafted eyewear pieces.For a man, its the luxury and the impeccable taste the brand brings to the range of frames.

      TOM FORD

      21st Century’s 1st Luxury Label

      As the creative brain behind the revival of the Gucci brand, Tom Ford’s own label has redefined how eye glasses are seen - Sexy, Powerful and Bold.


      Italian Heritage, Contemporary Styling

      The Dolce Gabbana styling appeals to both ends of the spectrum- Minimalism and Maximum styling . the 2017 collection focuses on lightness of materials, purity of design elements for men and refined elegance for women.


      The fine art of Minimalism

      Frames of Life, they call them.Sinfully elegant, sleek lines and amazing finishes with classic shapes is the defining character of this collection.


      Functional Luxury , a jet-set lifestyle

      Fun, exuberant, bold - all the styles a jet setting fashion icon wants.The shapes are bold, the color fusions imaginative and the pricing is an icing on the cake !


      Confident, Witty and Chic

      As always, Guess comes up with extremely wearable yet distinctive styles.