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      EYE TALK

      Guide to Progressive Lenses

      Choosing between bifocal and progressive spectacle lenses can be a tough task. Types of progressive lenses can vary too. Use this guide to help you know more about these lenses in simple terms.

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      Eye Strain

      Top 4 Reasons for Eye Strain and their Solutions 

      Digital Device Usage 

      Nature designed our eyes to look at every distance. Focusing on a small screen for long hours puts the muscles responsible for this under a lot of stress.

      Lack of Sleep

      Or odd hours of sleep can cause a lot of stress on those muscles. Oh, and dark circles or puffy eyes too. I

      Uncorrected Vision

      If you don't wear glasses or if you are feeling a strain even with them, its time to get your eyes checked. Wearing an incorrect power- higher or lower- leads to eye strain 

      Dry Eyes

      Dry eyes are caused by a reduced amount of secretion of natural tears.

      This creates a lot of friction and resultant discomfort.

      How to manage these issues 

      The 20-20-20 magic formula 

      Strain from digital devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers  can be combated by giving your eyes a little rest. Follow this simple rule of 20-20-20. 

      Every 20 minutes, give your eyes a break for 20 seconds and look at an object in the distance rather than keeping your eyes glued to the screen for long.

      In addition close your eyes and with your open palm, give the eyes a circular massage to help relax the eye muscles.

      Manage your Sleep Cycle

      A blissful 7-8 hour sleep has no other substitute. The body has a natural circadian rhythm which needs to be honoured  to stay healthy .

      Try to form a habit to not use digital devices late at night as they emit blue light which stimulates  the hormones responsible for keeping you awake.

      If you must, use blue protect  lenses while using digital devices at night ,  even if you do not have a spectacle power. This helps combat the wakefulness induced by the blue violet light of the digital devices.

      Get Your Eyes Examined 

      A regular eye exam goes a long way in keeping your eyes healthy and stress free. A lower or higher power in your current glasses makes your eye muscles work harder to compensate for them.

      That is like asking your arm muscles to carry heavy objects all day long . A slight change in power may go unnoticed as you feel you can see objects around you clearly , but the eye strain caused by it is the first sign that your muscles are straining.

      See an Eye Specialist

      Dry eyes can be caused by many conditions, for example

      1. Tear gland malfunctioning

      2. Hormonal changes in your body

      3. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning 

      4.Post LASIK surgery 

      5. Many medications like anti allergy pills

      A doctor may prescribe you lubricant drops to take care of this, but its best to visit them before taking any self medication for this besides the over the counter lubricating drops yourself.

      You can also avail of our free online consultation facility to determine if you need to see an eye specialist. We will be happy to talk to you !